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A bar without staff? Shows with no helping hands on and behind the stage? Badge control without controllers? Bins that don't get emptied. Renegades without drinks? Toilets without toilet roll?

To ensure these things do not happen the EJC needs lots of helping hands on a daily basis to do exactly those and many other jobs. It may sound simple, but it ain't: everything that happens during EJC has to be build and organised by someone.

This is where the volunteers come in - jugglers voluntarily helping the convention by giving one or two hours of their time. The good news: everybody can (and should) become a volunteer. Even You!

At the volunteers' desk in the Europahalle you will find the volunteers co-ordinator who will be delighted to see you signing up for one or a few shifts. Very important: it's not about you working around the clock for the convention. But every single shift you take on greatly supports the EJC.

The good thing about this is that your help does not only support the EJC, but you also gain the opportunity to meet lots of new people from all over the world. After one hour of badge control you will have met more people than during a two day trip around the world.

Only your help ensures that the massive event the EJC is, with nine days of camping, first class shows and 24-hour practice space can happen for the price of a week's worth of camping.

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