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Goals of the EJA


The European Juggling Association, the umbrella organisation of European jugglers, has made it "its main goal to promote juggling in Europe, especially by ensuring, that each year, a European Juggling Convention (EJC) takes place in a different European city or town.". (www.eja.net)

Apart from the Board of Directors (chairman, secretary and treasurer) the EJA consists of the country representatives, who are elected every two years during EJC, and the festival representatives of previous EJCs.

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In order to ensure the continuity of the annual EJC, the EJA supports the organisers financially as well as logistically. So that the organisational team is able to cover costs occurring prior to the event (all from stamps to large batches of poster prints), the EJA provides them with an interest-free credit. In return an agreement is made whereby any potential profits will be passed on to the EJA to enable the continued support for future EJCs.

At least as important is the logistical assistance the EJA offers. In addition to the collected wisdom and experiences of past EJCs the EJA supports the EJC in various practical ways, most noteworthy the (online) registration system, which will also be used for this EJC. But also during EJC the members of the EJA are active, be it behind registration, at the EJA-Meetings or as point of contact for the jugglers from their country and the local organisers.

At this point a big Thank You to all those active in the EJA for their work for the EJA and EJC.

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This year there will be another new feature: The EJA Meet & Greet! On three mornings the EJA country representatives will come together to inform all those interested about the EJA and its activities. This is a good opportunity to get to know your country representative and of course ask questions about matters you've always been interested in.

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