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The city of Karlsruhe with its 300,000 inhabitants lies in the Rhine valley on the North edge of the Black Forest.



Apparently in 1715 Margrave Karl Wilhelm of Baden had a vision while resting on a hunting trip: he saw a splendid castle in the centre of a city, and like the beams of the sun the streets ran fan-shaped away from the castle.

This basic idea was realised on 17th June 1715 when the founding stone of the 'fan city' of Karlsruhe, having been designed on the drawing-board, was laid. Today this beam-like layout is still visible from the castle.

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In 2006, temperatures ranged between 9.8 and 37.2°C. Computed for the last 30 years, the given avarage temperature in August during daytimes was 25.1°C, during nighttimes it was 13.8°C. In August, there are about 7.1 hours of sunshine per day and an annual mean temperature of 11.6°C, which basically means that Karlsruhe is one of the warmest cities in Germany.
You can find further statistical information on the webpages of Karlsruhe .

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Public Transport

Trams and trains of the traffic group Karlsruhe (KVV) do not only run till late at night, but also link Karlsruhe to Baden-Baden, to the northern Black Forest and even to Wissembourg which is situated in France on the far side of the Rhine River.
For participants of the convention, there are reduced KVV-tickets available at the EJC info-point.

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sights and other places of interest

Like it was mentioned earlier, the ground plan of Karlsruhe is unique to the world and that´s why Karlsruhe is also called “fan-town”.

The castle hosts the Baden museum (“Badisches Landesmuseum”), where changing exhibitions of historic topics can be viewed. Visiting the castle´s tower, you will be able to enjoy a wonderfull 360°-view that is definitely worth it. Maybe after the EJC-parade is over?

Within the city center you can find the pyramid on the Marktplatz (“Marketplace”) which is the secret landmark of Karlsruhe. Beneath it, there is the grave chamber of Karl Wilhelm, the city´s founder.

Another attraction is the Center of Arts and Media (ZKM) , which is only about 300 m from the convention site. Here you can find some interactive exhibits especially developed for experimenting and experiencing. The same building hosts the City´s Art Gallery (“städtische Kunstgallerie”) , too. The exhibition shown during the EJC is termed “Comic”, among other things original costumes of diverse filmings will be shown.

Although visits are not possible, there are two quite important courts in Karlsruhe - the highest courts of Germany! Namely, that is the “Bundesgerichtshof” (Federal Court of Justice of Germany) and the “Bundesverfassungsgericht” (Federal Constitutional Court of Germany).

Further information is available on the touristic webpages of the City of Karlsruhe, the Wiki of Karlsruhe and the corresponding Wikipedia article.

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Virtual tour of Karlsruhe

Here you can take part in a virual tour of Karlsruhe.

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