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History lesson 'Modern Inventions', unit 42: The dandy horse, an ancestor of the modern bicycle was first build in 1817 by Freiherr von Dais in Karlsruhe.

This is the reason why the city of Karlsruhe has made it its goal to encourage bicycle traffic on a big scale - let's just count unicycles in this as well. So why not come to the EJC in Karlsruhe by bike?

Here is a short summary of all the beautiful bicycle routes you could take on your way to Karlsruhe.

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Rhine bike trail

All in all, the Rhine bike trail (Rheinradwanderweg) is about 1320km long and therefore one of the longest cycling trails. Starting at the source near Chur in the Swiss Alps, it leads you all along the Rhine to Karlsruhe and finally to the coast of the North Sea.

possible routes
from the South: Chur - Lake Constance - Basel - Strasbourg - Karlsruhe
from the North: Duisburg - Cologne - Koblenz - - Bingen - Mainz - Heidelberg - Karlsruhe

More information at  www.fahrrad-tour.de > Rheintal

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Blackforest bike trail


The Black forest bike trail (Schwarzwald-Radweg) with a length of 375 km takes you all across the picturesque Black forest to Karlsruhe.

Lörrach - Titisee-Neustadt - Mühlenbach - Raumünzach - Langenbrand - Waldbronn - Karlsbad - Karlsruhe

More information at   


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Danube Bike Trail


Those coming from the south-east can make use of the Danube valley for their journey. One of the most famous and most beautiful (uni-) cycle trails in Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary is the Danube Bike Trail (Donauradweg).
Unfortunately, it won't take you to Karlsruhe. We therefore recommend to continue your journey by train from the source of the Danube in the Black forest or to change trail at the Lake Constance and follow the Rhine bike trail...

Belgrade - Budapest - Vienna - Linz - Passau - Regensburg - Ingoldstadt - Ulm - Donaueschingen

More information at  http://www.fahrradtouren.de/Radwege-Donauradweg.htm

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