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Medieval Village


The medieval village is situated at the lower end of the outdoor area, right beside the river "Alb". At its centre lies a tavern which will be surrounded by merchants. Various medieval goods such as jewellery, clothes or knight's armours will be offered for sale. In between, you'll find a variety of medieval food ranging from "very meaty"  to "vegetarian".

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During the week-end, medieval jugglers, jesters, musicians and swordplayers are going to entertain the public and modern jugglers until late in the evening with colourful shows. At the same time, people can marvel at show fights in the separate knights' camp.
After that, it'll become a little bit more peaceful and all jugglers will be invited to conclude the day with a jug of mead in a relaxed atmosphere.

Nähere Infos zum Gauklerspektakel findet Ihr bei unseren Partnern phantasia -historica.

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